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Business Address Service Questions

  • Can I receive incoming mail in my company’s name, even if I am not in California or in the United States?

    Yes, at IVO you can receive mail from anywhere in the United States, or from anywhere in the world.

  • Do you require a notarized CMRA (1583) Form for Business Address sign-up?

    We require a notarized CMRA Form if it is submitted online or by mail. Clients who come in person to fill out the form do not require a notarized signature.

  • How much does Mail Processing (Mail Forwarding and Scanning) cost?

    The fixed rate for our mail forwarding and scanning service is $15 per month plus postage. Postage for packages and mail vary by weight and destination.

  • Can I sign up for a Business Address if I don't reside in the US?

    Yes. Our virtual office services are available to anyone, regardless of their business location.

  • Can I receive packages with my Business Address?

    We can receive boxes, but not heavy equipment or extremely heavy freight deliveries.

  • What method of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major debit and credit cards.

  • What is a CMRA (1583) Form and why do I need it?

    The CMRA Form is a U.S. Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent. This form gives Irvine Virtual Office the authority to be your Mail Agent and confirms client identification. Clients need to complete the CMRA Form using either of the following two methods: Sign U.S. Postal Form 1583 in front of a Notary Public and deliver or mail the signed original, notarized form to us at the following address: Irvine Virtual Office, 2372 Morse Avenue Irvine, CA 92614 Or, alternatively, come into our office at the above address where you receive your mail, and sign U.S. Postal Form 1583 in the presence of IVO staff.

  • Do I need to fill out a CMRA (1583) Form?

    No, you do not need to fill out Form 1583 if you sign up for Virtual Office Pro, which includes 16 hours of office time. Our CMRA Form is only needed if you register for a Business Address. Visit the USPS website and refer to section 1.8.4.b.2 for more information.

Common Questions

  • How do I cancel my virtual office service?

    Clients can cancel services at any time through their account by following these instructions:

    1. Log into your Account
    2. Click on the My Services tab
    3. Click Details next to the service you want to cancel.
    4. Click Cancel Service on the bottom of the page.
  • How long after I sign up will I receive my suite number?

    Clients will receive a suite number 1-2 days after registration.

Office/Conference Room Time On Demand Questions

  • How do I reserve a conference room or office?

    Clients can set up reservations for offices and conference rooms through their account.

  • What size conference rooms are available and how many people can they hold?

    We have large conference rooms that can hold approximately 20 people, medium conference rooms that can comfortably seat up to 6 people, and small conference rooms for up to 3 people.

  • How many hours of conference room/office time does my Virtual Office Package come with?

    Our Virtual Office Package includes 16 hours of office or conference room time each month. Additional hours can be paid for as needed for $25 per hour.

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