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Business Phone

Get your business started with a virtual business phone number from IVO. Your phone number from IVO offers all the communication features you'll ever need, including call forwarding, auto-attendant, voicemail to email, e-fax.

Basic Business Phone
Automated Attendant Menus

- Auto-attendant (AA). Allows callers to be transferred to an phone number based on their selection from a menu, without help from a live operator or receptionist.
- Dial by number. Auto-attendant menu option that enables callers to reach a user by dialing his or her number.

Call Forwarding

- Call forwarding. Forwards incoming calls to an alternate phone number.
- Find Me/Follow me call routing. Find Me lists are more sophisticated than Call Forwarding; e.g. a user can configure it to first ring his office phone, then after a number of unanswered rings, to ring his cellphone, then his home phone.

Voicemail to email

- Voicemail box. Allows callers to leave a message in a voicemail box. This voicemail box is normally accessible by the receptionist and greets callers with information specific to your company
- Voicemail to email WAV file forwarding. Sends a notification with the WAV sound file attached to any email address

Caller ID, Redial, Hold & other Features

- Caller ID with Name. The calling party’s name is displayed along with the calling number or instead of the calling number
- Hold. A user may pause the current conversation, and retrieve the call from the same phone
- Redial. A user can call the previous phone number dialed without re-entering the number

Fax-to-email service

- Incoming faxes are received in your e-mail inbox.
- Preferred solution if you want to eliminate paper and receive faxes anywhere you access your e-mail

Call Recording

- Record: Our Receptionist will do Call recording for your company calls.
- Playback: Recordings will be send to your email.

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