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Business Address Services

The Basic plan include premium street address.

Address Type Tier Price
Premium street address
City of Irvine
1st $25/month per address

Add-on Mail Processing (Mail Scanning)

Mail Processing includes unlimited exterior envelope or package scans.

Interior content scan limits and includes up to 10 pages front and back for free.

Content Scan Limits & Overages
Scans included Basic Plan 5 content scan included
Add-on Mail Processing 10 content scan included
Scan overages Basic Plan $3 per content scan
Add-on Mail Processing $2 per content scan

Mail Storage

Business Address plan includes physical mail storage of 30 days. Storage after 30 days incurs a small fee. Cloud storage of digitized mail is included for free in all plans.

Retention policy 30 days
Letter storage $0.03/day after 30 days
Parcel storage $0.50 per pound per day after 10 days

Add-on Mail Processing (Mail Forwarding)

We will gladly process shipments for you that do not exceed 150 pounds in weight and 15.5 inches x 24 inches x 18.5 inches in size

Domestic $1.25/shipment plus postage $1/item
International $5/shipment plus postage $1/item
Expedited shipment $10/shipment $1/item
Heavy item $5/item between 50 and 150 pounds


Medium box $5
Large box $10
Standard $12.50 per 10 minutes $1/item
Expedited $25.00 per 10 minutes


Black White $0.10 per page for documents over 20 pages
Color $0.15 per page for documents over 20 pages
Expedited scanning $15/scan
Bulk scanning $3 per 15 pages (minimum 5 pages)
Heavy delivery $10/item (50-150lbs, >150lbs not accepted)
Oversize package $25/item (dimensions exceeding 24" x 15.5" x 18.5")
Expedited delivery $15/item


Mailing Service plan Included

Administration Staff Fees

Additional fees may apply to certain job provided by our Administrative staff.

Administrative Staff $20 per 15 minutes

Adding aditional Business to your account

Each additiona DBA reuire additional fee

DBA $20 per DBA

Answering Services

Answering services has limitation on minutes

Minutes 100 minutes per 30 days

Business Phone services

DID numbers $15/number

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