Full time office

You will find our professional executive offices ideal for independent business owners and professionals who want to make a positive first impression, and who want to have all the advantages of a full time office at a dramatically reduced cost.

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With office space in Irvine you will get

Each office is furnished and equipped to the highest of technical requirements, ensuring that you will have the highest professional image possible.  Each full time office tenant has a full time receptionist and access to administrative staff.  Our staff will welcome your clients, answer your phone calls and messages, receive your mail and packages, prepare your documents, set appointments, receive and send faxes, and manage anything else your business might require.

As a full time executive office tenant, you’ll have everything you need to conduct important business meetings and smoothly and effectively operate your business, including the following:

  • Serviced office
  • Conference room
  • Meeting room

Office space in Irvine will include

Each full time office includes a high tech phone, and access to color copier and fax machine, together with reliable office support staff, administration and client service support team, meeting rooms, conference rooms for video conferencing, telephone, IT support, space to your own server, Business planning and consultation services.  Executive office tenants also enjoy access to lunchroom with free gourmet coffee, tea and hot chocolate, and free parking on the premises.  You can also lease a full or part time office – such as: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

To lease full time office with us please Contact Us for more information.